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This page is intended as a simpler guide to photographs which are referred to mainly on the Archives & Memorabilia page.
Click on the thumbnails to see the full-size image.
Postcard: choir in practice room, annotated "C Dearden, 1932"
Choir (mostly wearing bow ties and evening dress) outside Working Men's InstituteWorking Men's Institute with 2 trophies and 1 shield (early view; 9 copies, one being annotated "J C Dearden, 1935-36
  Choir (mostly wearing neckties) outside Working Men's Institute, with conductor H H Thomas [centre front] and 3 trophies (5 copies, variously dated "mid-1930s", 1934, and "JCD, Oct 1948").
Choir (mostly wearing bow ties and evening dress) outside Working Men's Institute with 2 shields, early view, no date, c1930s.
Choir wearing bow ties and evening dress; indoors in front of small stage; conductor H H Thomas; (2 copies, one marked 1935+ and another 1938), c1938
Choir indoors in front of bookcase; Gilbert Uren holding baton behind two trophies (2 copies, one dated 1950 bearing Barrow News & Mail stamp), c1950.
Choir just after Coming-of-Age concert outside Public Hall with conductor Gilbert Uren [centre front] (2 copies), c1952.
Photo: Gilbert Uren, Harry Hall, Jack Byfield, Owen Brannigan and his friend Henry Webb (2 copies), Annual Concert 1961.
Photo: choir under Gilbert Uren [in centre holding trophy], shortly after the choir won a top prize at the prestigious Blackpool festival (2 copies), c1969. 
Choir under Reg Lanworn [front, fifth from left] at rehearsal preparing for "Grand Sing" competition on BBC TV and Golden Jubilee concert in Civic Hall, (2 copies) c1980.
Choir (mostly wearing new light blue shirts) ready for television appearance on "A Grand Sing" under conductor Reg Lanworn, 1980.

  Colour photo: choir on large curtained stage wearing white shirts and maroon ties; conductor Reg Lanworn, c1980s


Colour snapshot: choir with maroon blazers in room with hospital signs behind; conductor Mike Petty, c1994.


Colour snapshot (dark): choir with maroon blazers attending a performance, with several older ladies sitting in front row, conductor Mike Petty in white jacket, c1995.

Local solicitor Martyn Tongue gave the choir more than forty years of voluntary service as a piano accompanist up to the 1996 annual concert [taken from the History page].
               Late 1990s photo published in an unknown programme and taken outside St Luke's Church, Barrow.
Photo of choir members at Furness Abbey, preparing for 70th Anniversary celebrations in 2001 (Loose item taken from newscutting album
  Choir members after annual concert at Lisdoonie Hotel, October 2006
Choir members taken at Holy Family Church Hall, Newbarns, 2 August 2010
Choir members with trophy taken at Coronation Hall, Ulverston, 30 March 2012 [formerly on Home page].

Choir members with trophy taken at Coronation Hall, Ulverston, 9 April 2014 [formerly on Home page .

Choir members in Rampside church, 30 July 2015, with Musical Director Anthony Milledge [formerly on Home page].
The first Annual Concert in 1952 was actually billed as the Coming-of-Age Concert
One copy of the Annual Concert 1959 programme has been autographed by members and guests on the cover.
Souvenir programme including photographs and historical notes: Barrow Male Voice Choir 70 Years of Song Celebration Concert, Forum 28, Barrow, Saturday 14 July 2001
  Typed copies (3) of Short History of the choir (as used on original website), undated, c1960s-70s; (one copy includes a  list of placings in various festival competitions 1931-1960
Barrow & District Musical Festival 1st Prize certificate, Male Voice Choirs, Oct 1932
Morecambe Musical Competition Festival: adjudication sheet, 6 May 1933
56th Morecambe Musical Festival (founded 1891): 3rd place certificate, 5-14 May 1960
Southport Music Festival: 2nd place certificate, 1962

Blackpool Musical Festival 1st prize certificate in class 101 with newscutting and associated correspondence attached, 1969

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