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 We rehearse at 7.00 pm on Monday evenings in the Nan Tait Centre, Abbey Road, Barrow in Furness, LA14 1LG. Please use the entrance via the car park at the side of the building, this entrance is step free. Entrance to the car park is from Collingwood Street at the rear of the building.

The Nan Tait Centre.

The choir includes members of all denominations and politics, but we have at least one thing in common and that is a love of singing.  Anyone who shares this love is invited to come along to a rehearsal without any obligation. You do not need an exceptional voice but just the ability to sing in tune and blend with the choir. It is not necessary to be able to read music.  Help will be on hand if you require it in order to learn your line of music and enjoy this most rewarding pastime.

If you have read this far and are interested in joining the choir, but maybe have a few doubts, then here are some frequently asked questions and answers which we hope will help you to decide;

Who do I contact ?  Bernard Beckett is the choir secretary and can be emailed via the link on the homepage or by phone on 01229 830416.  If you know someone who is in the choir then talk to them and come along with them. You could message us via our facebook page or you could just come along to any rehearsal at the Nan Tait Centre.

What can I expect at my first rehearsal ?  You will be warmly welcomed by Bernard and/or Keith  and the rest of the choir, usually there will be about 30 singers at each rehearsal. The rehearsal will be conducted by our Musical Director, Deborah Milledge, assisted by one of our piano accompanists, Sue Quarmby or Margaret Harrison. You can just listen for a while if you wish. You can review a music folder containing our current repertoire and join in when you feel ready.

Our choir has 4 sections; Tenor 1, Tenor 2,  Baritone and Bass. You may know which section will suit you best or you may not, we can help you decide and even after a few weeks if you feel a different section would suit you better, you can change.

We are a friendly group, some of our members have only been in the choir a couple of years so the joining process is quite recent for them, while others have been members for many years, you will find us all supportive to you as a new member and beyond.

Will I be given sheet music ? Yes, we will loan you a folder containing our current repertoire, yours to use while you are a member. This will enable you to learn words and also to read the music score if you have that skill, if not then you can learn by ear.

What can I expect at future rehearsals ? At most rehearsals we learn some new material and refine and improve our knowledge of songs we already know. As we get near to a concert date then we will focus entirely on the songs we are going to perform.

When will I sing in my first concert ? All new members learn at there own pace, some are quicker than others, when you feel that you are ready and it is evident that you know the repertoire, our Musical Director  will  invite you to sing at concerts.

Is a uniform provided ? Yes, we loan you a uniform, a smart blue blazer, shirt and tie and it is yours to wear while you are a member of the choir.

Is there a social aspect to the choir? There is, and you can be as involved as much as you like. It could be a drink after a rehearsal or concert, joining in with organisational aspects of the choir or travelling to other parts of Britain or abroad to perform. When travelling with the choir many members bring their wives, partners or friends and they are always most welcome.

What will it cost ? We ask our members to make an annual donation of 100 towards our running costs. We will only ask you after you have decided to join and it will be pro- rata if you join part way through a year.

Anything else I should know ?  Rehearsals usually finish at 9.00 pm after which many of us vist the pub for a drink and to socialise.