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For more details of our special 80th Anniversary concert on 15 Oct 2011 click here)



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Barrow Male Voice Choir, founded in 1931, is the last remaining traditional male voice choir in the area surrounding

Barrow-in-Furness, Cumbria, an industrial town of over sixty thousand inhabitants in north-west England.



BACK: R Beacock, G Parker, J Hamilton, A Jones, D Gorman, K Butcher, B Foster, F Mellor, K Corlett, T Ducie, K Newby, K Harrison

      MIDDLE: M Gregory, R Lowther, D Parratt, G Macgregor, R Smith, E Fell, C Hicks, B Doughty, P Towers, G Burns, T Russell, R Morrison

      FRONT: M Petty, D Hughes, A Hadley, R Turner, A Willis, L Stewart, F Silmon, R Gerrard, B Bartlett, K Honeyman, S Strange.

      SEATED: M Harrison, A Milledge.  


Our choir performs around sixteen concerts a year for charities, church groups and other fund raisers.  We are frequently hired to sing at weddings and funerals.

Our annual concert raises money for our own funds which enables us to buy new music, uniforms etc.  Many local businesses sponsor us and we also enjoy support from local councillors (of all shades). 


Individuals or organisations wishing to arrange a concert should contact the Choir Secretary in the first instance: they may like to make use of the form here.




Wagner: A Roman War Song (arr. Percy Fletcher), taken from  'Furness Sound' CD (2001)

Thomas Moore: Love Thee Dearest (soloist Sam Strange)



President: Thomas Round

Musical Director: Anthony Milledge

Deputy Conductor: Les Stewart

Chairman: Alf Hadley

Secretary: Dave Parratt

Treasurer: Gerry Moon

Accompanists: Margaret Harrison & Sue Quarmby


 Contact Webmaster (for website queries and general enquiries. 

Messages may be forwarded to committee officers if appropriate)






Robert Danahay

Barry Doughty
Keith Harrison
Rob Morrison
Keith Newby
Andy Purvin
Ray Sharpe
Sam Strange

Peter Towers



Keith Butcher
Bill Dandy

Tony Dudley
Brian Foster
Joe Gardner
Damian Gorman

Colin Hicks
Ken Higginson

Peter Lingard
Gerry Moon

Chris Noblin
Ron Turner
Bert Willis


Barry Bartlett
Gordon Burns

Terry Ducie
Eddy Fell
Ken Honeyman

Gordon Macgregor

Frank Mellor
Terry Russell
Frank Silmon

Ray Smith
Les Stewart



Bob Beacock
Bob Gerrard
Mike Gregory
Alf Hadley
John Hamilton
Dan Hughes

Aidan Jones
Ron Lowther
Graham Parker
Dave Parratt
Mike Petty

Henry Poole
Ian Whittall


In October 2004, our long standing Musical Director, Mike Petty handed in his baton and

resumed his place in the bass section of the choir. As a mark of our appreciation he was appointed

a life member. We were fortunate enough to acquire the services of Anthony Milledge, a very

experienced Musical Director with a thorough knowledge of choral singing at the highest level.


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