Several copies of this photo of Barrow Working Men's Choir are held: one of them suggests the date 1935-36. 

The minute book indicates that the following persons were in membership on 6th November 1935, when they won the Irving Challenge Shield at the Workington Musical Festival: 1ST TENORS: S Carter, W Craig, H Lee, C Melville, L Parke, J Sinkinson, W Taylor, J Turner, H Williams, J Wood. 2ND TENORS: W R Askew, H Britton, E Brown, W Clark, H Hayward, T Jones, J Pinder, F Shipperbottom, J Wade.  BARITONES:  W Hadwin, J Hughes, H McDowall, D Martin, S Price, W H Smith, J Turner, L Wootton.  BASSES: W Armstrong, P Bell, E Burrows, C Darden, J H Fell, J G Hodgson, C James, J Pick, P Riley, S Robinson, J Smith, A Stedman, J Thomas. CONDUCTOR: Mr H H Thomas.