Barrow Male Voice Choir taken at Holy Family Church Hall, Newbarns, 2 August 2010

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BACK: R Beacock, G Parker, J Hamilton, A Jones, D Gorman, K Butcher, B Foster, F Mellor, K Corlett, T Ducie, K Newby, K Harrison

      MIDDLE: M Gregory, R Lowther, D Parratt, G Macgregor, R Smith, E Fell, C Hicks, B Doughty, P Towers, G Burns, T Russell, R Morrison

      FRONT: M Petty, D Hughes, A Hadley, R Turner, A Willis, L Stewart, F Silmon, R Gerrard, B Bartlett, K Honeyman, S Strange.

      SEATED: M Harrison, A Milledge.